ItsMeStevee: A future success story


Today you will be reading about my favourite topic! myself. My Bcm Digital Artefact for this semester is that of the brand ItsMeStevee. This DA will focus on the implimentation of different strategies to increase the base amount of followers, Subscribes and notariety of the brand ItsMeStevee.

Credit: @smolstardvst

The first focus will be on the Twitch channel in hopes to increase viewership and subscribers. Looking at the Twitch Creator Camp it extensive materials for streamers of all levels to impliment to improve including that of teams, co streaming and keeping your stream entertaining.

Secondly I will look into the ways to increase my YouTube presence and reach. This will be done with unique content and the use of adwords to draw in new individuals.

This will all be done in order to increase ItsMeStevee’s reach and retention with audiences and increase oppotunities such as sponsorship and to monetize the content produced.



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