Lets Review!

Brooke Eager


Hello Snow! Lets have a look into your idea of Aesthetic Tutorials and start a feedbackloop to expand your DA.

First lets look into the format of your DA. As an audio heavy based project it is important to remember that keeping your audiance interested and engaged is key. Listeneing to your pitch its easy to notcie your have a clear speaking voice but bringing some of your personality into this project would help build an authentic audiance who connect with you personally and start to highlight your brand. A good refrence point is looking at a few of the higher rated coding podcasts. Two good examples are Code Newbie who explore computer coding and the workplace in coding and Shop Talk which highlights WordPress tips and tricks.

Image source: freecodecamp.org

Though these arent in the educational feild they are a good look into a personalised podcast experience.

Another point is the music for your tutorials. Though Royalty Free music is helpful for you and the artist that you credit it can become very generic if lots of people start using the same sound samples. Looking into having custom music for your channel could prove to help with that more individualised theme. Nathan Kendrick’s DA is lo-fi music for study playlists and I believe you could both benifit from a collaboration for a few episodes! This would allow you to have a easily customised music beat suited to your need and also would gain exposure for Nathan’s music.

One other idea would be have your podcasts but have celebration milestones where you might add a tutorial and a video of your own progress of your current project through UnrealEngine!

Im out of words for now but I believe you have a solid base and a unique idea that I look forward to following.

Emma Swords

Emma! We spoke in class but I have decided to look into your Da futher.

First I would love to talk about the branding of StrawsSuckAu. Within your instagram you have 4 different logos each looking different from the previous.

Branding is more than just a company name and logo – branding entails creating an entire brand entity.

To move you DA forward looking and solidifying your brand and image is the best place to start. It was stated that you want to look into drawing in millennials and males both who have a unique marketing theory to follow. Looking into the basics of marketing to these groups would allow you to retain an audiance.


Another part that I wanted to highlihgt was your content of your account. When looking into other pages that are based around the enviroment and nature you will see their content, though highly filtered and positioned is based on first hand images. Chris Burkard is a nature photogrpaher who shows how original content gives the audience something to look forweard too. Combining this with simple Marketing techniques will allow you to greatly impact your audiance.

If you are also looking to help cafe’s, uni and other instatutions to go straw free looking into sourcing and branding your own products taht can be featured on your instagram would also give you another avenue to look into!

If you have questions let me know!

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