Bcm215 Beta! The new start

For this Digital Artefact for BCM215 I have changed the approach and area of study that I am going to look into. Originally, I was looking at the effects and future of VR Gaming within Esports and how it has progressed within the new age of Esports. I decided to change the approach of my DA when personal and family issues put me out for a week. This made collecting gameplay and the footage for VR gaming harder to explore in detail.


My new iteration of my DA is something that we explored in recent weeks on class and its participatory media. This is the exploration will look into how Machinima created the Red vs Blue series, how participatory culture has led it into a new era of media with the expansion of Mods, Video creations and level/map creation. For my new DA I will be creating levels within the game Fortnite which has its own creative level maker. I will be submitting these to Epic for display on The Block, a location in the game itself. I will also be following the Machinima style videos and creating an in-game movie style such as Red vs Blue or Ignis Solus which are both in class examples. I believe this new DA will allow for a more streamlined peer review and a information loop allowing and allow me to implement a new scope too look at gaming in with a focus on Individuality, Technological and cultural impacts of cultural participation.

8 thoughts on “Bcm215 Beta! The new start

  1. Good justification of the major change your making! Sometimes things don’t work out as planned, but by making this adjustment now you can quickly move into a movie efficient DA that works for you.
    Just quickly I’d like to mention that if you want to have your youtube link to be displayed as a video rather than a link in your blog post just copy and paste the link where you want it in your post, put the cursor at the end of the link and press return, that should automatically turn it into a direct video. Images throughout your blog might help to break up the text and also generate some context also.
    As well as this in the blog post, grammar checking would take your discussion to a new level, unfortunately the easy to make grammar problems can take away from the points your making. Get grammarly! Its an excellent programme, and it tends to catch all the things everyone misses occasionally.

    The hyperlinks you used were excellent, you could also link back to you original pitch so anyone returning or reading for the first time can see the original idea and compare the two.
    It’s great that you’ve jumped straight into a weekly topic (participatory media) and i think that will suit your concept nicely. However at the BETA stage its critical to be receiving feedback, so I think it’s very important you get your stuff out into public view as quickly as possible, even as a reddit post with questions on your concepts, a short video, draft essay. Does Not have to be perfect but input into your DA can make or break the final detail/depth of your project. Would it be possible for you to use any of the suggestions made on your original pitch and apply that knowledge to your current DA? Audience response could potentially provide you with ideas you haven’t thought about, and could potentially leave you with more ideas to further develop your discussion.

    Your video was great to see the active prototype of creation, but it would have been helpful to have some text to accompany your speaking as at times the video was distracking and I found it hard to keep up with the really important things your were saying throughout.

    If you haven’t already the Wk 6 lecture would be great to include as part of your research. I’m unsure if you have read it but the link: Raessens, J. (2005). Computer games as participatory media culture. In J. Raessens & J. Goldstein (Eds.), Handbook of computer game studies (pp. 373-388). Cambridge, MA: the MIT Press. File would be really useful for your topic even though it’s not discussing machinima. For example i think this quote is excellent to provide context in your discussion between the terms you’ll be mentioning; “Interactivity refers to ‘‘a distinctive mode of relating to audiovisual representations or fictions. The player is provided with a way of directly taking a leading role in what occurs, given the means to control—at least in part—what will unfold within the scene on the screen’’ (Darley, 2000, p. 156).”

    Through this BETA pitch I think you’ve brought about some interesting topic ideas and I think your planned presentation method will give your project a point of difference, I’ve had a look to see if I could find you any further information that might be of use, and ive come across this, it’s not specifically linked to the games you’re discussing but it doesn’t bring up good concepts surrounding participatory culture.

    Click to access sotamaa_participatory_culture.pdf


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  3. Hey,
    I really love your idea and how it draws directly from class content. It sounds like an interesting topic. I don’t know much about it so it’ll be interesting to see how the final project turns out.
    For your video, it was interesting and a good idea to have game capture in the backround, especially with your focus, but it became distracting to what you were saying. Perhaps, you could have incorporated some headings and have a variety of visual media in order to keep the viewer on track and engaged with it.
    For the blog post, I liked that you linked back to your pitch so we were able to have context and see the change you’ve made. I think incorporating images and integrating more links throughout the post could bring up engagement even more. It would also give you an opportunity to educate people on what machinima and mods etc, are so you can broaden the scope of your audience.
    Both the video and the post mention participatory media, which I think you integrate into your project well, but to strengthen that you should draw directly from the reading and pull out some ideas you find relevant to your DA and mention them.
    Additionally, I’m unsure how long ago you switched topics so I’m not sure how much research you have, but I think any research you have should be included in the post. This will increase audience engagement and strengthen the post overall.
    With your topic, you may consider looking into the ethics of machinima in regards to copyright in order to add an extra element to your analytical framework.

    Here’s some research you may find useful:
    HARWOOD, T 2019, ‘Cocurated Digital Culture: Machinima’, Leonardo, vol. 52, no. 2, pp. 123–127, .

    Burn, A 2016, ‘Making machinima: animation, games, and multimodal participation in the media arts’, Learning, Media & Technology, vol. 41, no. 2, pp. 310–329, .

    Freedman, MB 2005, ‘Machinima and Copyright Law’, Journal of Intellectual Property Law, no. Issue 1, p. 235, .

    Reynolds, G 2010, ‘All the Game’s a Stage: Machinima and Copyright in Canada Graham Reynolds All the Game’s a Stage’, Journal of World Intellectual Property, vol. 13, no. 6, pp. 729–743, .

    Here are some other links you may find useful:


  4. abearinthere

    Nothing wrong with a change of pace, sometimes things don’t work out! Cool new idea, your analytical framework was super clear and your new idea seems like something you’re more passionate about!
    Reddit for feedback is a great place to look for feedback, I know for my DA I found some very honest feedback.
    Interesting how you tied it into Machinima, as this is something we’ve just looked into, and something I’d never heard of. Cool to see how it works in different contexts like yours.
    After some research I found many articles around the subject of Machinima being somewhat of a dying art form. This could be another point to take into consideration.
    Heres some links I found regarding this area;


    Also found a subreddit about a fortnite Machinima series, could be useful for some inspiration regarding your DA!

    Even though it sounds like you’ve got it all down pat, and you’re definitely on a topic that has plenty to explore, interesting to see how that turns out for you.


  5. It is never a bad idea to change a DA if you don’t like it and I applaud you for doing so as so many people refuse to change just because they have already gone so far. Red vs Blue is a great example of a machinima (created by rooster teeth not the company machinima btw) but a film like that takes a very long time to get right. As someone who has attempted machinima style videos, I caution you as to how much you want to undertake. Make sure to keep it nice and simple when you are filming your video 🙂 It wouldn’t go amiss if you looked into how rooster teeth actually created their red vs blue videos to try and give you an idea of how they are made. Solid idea though.
    For your idea of creating levels in Fortnite, I suggest streaming your process. You don’t even have to be that entertaining but it is good practice to take notes when creating and streaming is a great way to do so. It also opens up the ability for instant feedback. Streaming doesn’t just allow you to broadcast your project on the internet but allows the possibility of instant feedback which can be very beneficial in a digital artifact.


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