BCM 302

For my BCM302 Beta I will be looking at my channel ItsMeStevee and how it has changed over the past few weeks, the future implementation and how I think it will be at the end of course.

Firstly, for ItsMeStevee we will be look at the channel recognition and the style. For my current style of my twitch page I have had it echo over all my social media accounts for easy recognition. The low poly style of my page was given to me by the company own3d.tv and isn’t a generic page which means it more personalised then other twitch pages that have a generic layout. I have also tried to impoliment layouts that are specfic to the game.2019-09-27_18-19-4620


I have also asked SmolDust an artist to update my logos throughout my channel to make it more customised to the people who view my channel. Currently the main core of my channel is been known as a “cult” who worship the flow, and this will be shown in my new follower and sub notifications that come through. The other changes that I have made were the changes to my discord server. My Mod team and user Dxrknet went through and updated my page for me upon request to allow me to manage a stronger community.

The next thing to look at will be the feedback loop of my channel. The unique thing of twitch is that it allows for instant feedback. Plugins and the chat make its easier and this is how the discord pages was dramatically changed.

The future for ItsMeStevee will be looking at how to improve my retention for those individuals who come into my page. Another thing to that will be looked at will be how to increase the income for my channel, exploring sponsorship and donation income for individuals. Reaching out to different companies. The last idea for itsmestevee is to create a list of games that will increase retention and follower rates.

3 thoughts on “BCM 302

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  2. brookiyuki

    Hi Steven! Once again it’s been interesting to see your channel develop (even if it’s only slightly), I’ve dropped in for a few streams and it’s great to see your creativity and your online persona develop.

    Filming your beta video as a live-streaming style was great and right on brand for your Twitch channel. I would argue that the video was slightly confusing for those without knowledge of Twitch and Discord. When you discuss Twitch emotes and Discord mods, for example, these go over my head to some extent; but regardless it seems as though you have a great grasp of what you need to do moving forward. Having a good understanding of why your follower count has decreased (due to lack of videos) shows that you’ve considered the impact of your external life on the Twitch video, and perhaps it’s worth reconsidering your streaming schedule if it remains difficult.

    I think the best part of your DA at this stage is the community you’re tapping into. It’s great to see you outsourcing to others for your emotes and your music, for example. In particular, collaborating with other BCM302 students’ DA’s for both of your benefits is a great move. Also, working together with your previously established fan base to upgrade and improve on your Discord server was great to see! I am a little confused though – who is Patrick and what is he doing to help out your channel?

    My advice going forward would be to get on top of your streaming schedule – producing regular content will be key from this point. If your schedule is too demanding (considering external circumstances) then cutting down on the number/length of streams might help just to start. Great job!


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