A look at myself Bcm215

For the BCM215 blog post we I have had a look at how personally I have changed the style in which I give feedback to others. This was a difficult process in order to find and provide useful links to those whose projects I will be looking at and following.

 What did you do? Firstly, with my comments I formatted them a bit differently then I would traditionally. Instead of just looking and providing feedback on their current progress I explored how I would personally do the project and how it might help the others explore it from a new perspective. When looking at the posts my contribution differed from project to project. As an example, when looking into Arkon and his streaming beta it was easy for me to explore the project as I have personal experience in twitch. To start I talked about how to increase his audience and retention rates by using when you can learn at the twitch creator camp and how engaging in the community also helps with cross content creation, raids and hosts. Opposite to this when looking into abearinthere’s project I instead looked at how a different genre of games such as hidden identity games such as a town called Salem and werewolf would help increase and change the way the digital and physical copies would differ greatly. I feel these contributions would help the other increase their projects end result.

As for the research offered it was mostly looking into how their analytical framework could incorporate different aspects such as tradition media to give a new perspective. This is such as looking at tv, movies and other media would give a good look at how new age content creation and engagement has changed the way media in consumed. This was specifically in terms of Arkon’s analytical framework of audience, quality and attitude·      

Looking at the different projects that others have undertaken its interesting to see how they have used their frameworks and what media platforms that they wanted to go with. For me personally it has given me a good look at how my project will change and adapt overtime and how it I can father utilise my framework in a new way to get a more in-depth of analysis. As an example, audience engagement would be a better cross-reference in my analytical framework when talking about participatory media and how individuals will be interacting with my media.

Most of the comment material that I used was looking at how these individuals could improve the result of their digital artefact. I feel the comments this round that I posted were more genuine and more engaged with the content. Though the research department was still lacking the feedback and advice allowed me to get a greater input and personal approach to each of these projects. This meant that I was able to get a greater understanding of the projects and was able to become an audience member and how I participated in their projects and media.

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