Peer Review 2.0

Brooke Eager: The Little Prince

From aesthetic tutorials to aesthetic tapped beer Brooke has embraced the meaning of FEFO with the change in direction of her DA. Recently approached by the manager of Little Prince bar Brooke has changed her focus to be more based on improving social media engagement for Little Prince, increasing social media reach and increasing followers and retention rate. At the start of Brooke over taking the social media pages the numbers stood as Coming on board to the project


The Little Prince’s social media following is as follows:

Facebook: 9.4k likes

Instagram: 2.4k follows

Website: n/a


As of the time of writing this review it has grown to 9.5k on Facebook and 2.5 on Instagram.


One of the most notable things for Brooke’s new ideas to work is the regular posting and using images from Instagram on both Instagram and Facebook and not preferring one to the other while keeping up constant content creation. This means that you’re not alienating a certain group of individuals who many not have all social medias. The linking of both social mediums will also allow for discovery of new events and content. Not only this but it will also have a different core audience that it will be targeting over different medias. In saying this looking at Brooke’s posting schedule you can see the forward plan on how she will be operating and on her posting schedule. With the four daily posts it will be interesting to see how the attraction and retention rate goes up with constant new media, on top of that the individual schedule looks to fit the Instagram page more than the Facebook page.


Highlighting deals on the UOW buy swap sell page on Facebook will also bring a quick easy and effective method to engage a new audience, leveraging local pages will effectively allow for a more streamlined experience for the user. Brooke has also expanded the social media presence of The Little Prince by looking into Tic-toc. The first post was that of cocktail making and suits the theme of the bar well. Expanding this and posting similar content onto Instagram will also expand the potential reach for The Little Prince as well as opening another avenue for profit if continuously grown properly and in conjunction of the other platforms.

The next exploration is the completion of the Little Prince website. Within todays day and age of online booking, results and research it’s Important to have a dedicated place for individuals to be able to access online. Because of the unique events and the organisations that they work with and the ability to book out the venue a dedicated site for The Little Prince will allow for individuals to contact and view the businesses events in an easier manor.


With the digital artefact only just starting up in a new iteration its hard to give an in-depth review of the artefact itself. The current path with a more regimented posting schedule and expanse into new social medias it will be soon apparent if it is leading to an increase in engagement.





Emma Swords: The Heritage Hotel Bulli

Yet again another look into the changing dynamic for those in media. Emma’s original idea was continuing from her previous DA which was the Instagram page straws suck. Her new DA is yet another Instagram page focusing upon the social media management specifically the Instagram page for the Heritage Hotel Bulli and creating an online persona for the pub as well as giving patrons a place to find news and information.


The first thing to notice with the heritage hotel Instagram page is that it is still a relatively small page with only 186 followers. As Emma noted in her own Beta article this pub is predominantly old men as it is a heritage listed pub. A traditionalist view is that which commonly accompany many old school pubs which the main obstacle will be to overcome when working on this digital artefact. That with the content on the page are all tailored for a younger audience and have a high rate of memes within the page itself. One step forward to think about for the future of this is creating a posting schedule like Brooke’s one for the Little Prince and have content that isn’t only to highlight one activity but to cultivate an online persona that can be identified with individuals who frequent the pub. Another way to increase the potential to increase the social media reach for those who attend the pub would be using a collaboration between different medias such as Facebook for the older generation of individuals who don’t have Instagram.

Much the same as the little prince is the fact the starting a new digital artefact means that there is limited information to help provide an accurate review of the artefacts approach and success. From what I can gather from the posts themselves they seem to be posted at least weekly with different content been the focus of the posts. They range from memes about the venue and visiting to entertainment and event postings. For the new few weeks to see and increase increasing the posting from once to twice a week would but up the interaction and engagement. Not only this but leading into Christmas and Halloween adverting events in the pub and countdowns would increase the event attendance.

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